Scottish Pagan Fellowship

Pagan Wheel Of The Year and Festivals

The modern Pagan calendar (whatever your path) is rooted like that of our prededcessors through untold centuries in which seasonal festivals mark key points in the natural year. To us Nature is a many levelled-levelled reality, our natural year is therefore inclusive of agriculture, pastoral, wildlife, botanical, solar, lunar planetary and psychic aspects, the tides of which all affect and reflect each other. Life is a process, not a state; our journey through the wheel of the year and the celebration of those festivals is essentially a means of putting ourselves in tune with that process. They are.....



  • Imbolg, February 1st - 2nd


  • Spring Equinox/ Ostara, March 19th - 21st


  • Beltaine, April 30th - 1st May


  • Midsummer/Litha, June 19th - 22nd


  • Lughnasadh, July 31st - 1st August


  • Autumn Equinox/Mabon, 19th - 22nd September


  • Samhain, 31st October - 1st Novenmber


  • Yule/Winter Solstice, December 19th - 22nd






Thus, the Wheel of the Year has once more made its complete turn, and all that has been, begins anew.

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