With Gratitude

The scottish Pagan Fellowship would like to thank the following people for generously sharing their time, energy and talent with us...


Jane Brideson





We are both delighted and excited that Jane has given us permission to use images of her work on our pages. Apart from being beautifully executed Janes paintings clearly convey her deep connection with the Landscape, Myth and customs of her surroundings. Her paintings are filled with such rich and meaningful symbolism that you won't be able to help yourself from drifting away to another place and time that somehow feels strangely familiar...


Jane is a pagan artist living in rural Ireland. Janes paintings are reproduced as greeting cards by her company Dark Moon Designs. Jane is currently working on a series of paintings titled 'The ever living Ones - Irish Godesses and Gods In Landscape, Myth and Custom'.


You can view more of Janes work at: http://theeverlivingones.blogspot.co.uk/






We are thrilled to be able to share Robins musical compostions on our festival pages. Each piece of music has been specifically and thoughtfully composed by Robin to reflect the nuances and underlying spirit of each passing season. We are mesmerised by their beauty. Once again we are truly grateful that Robin has chosen to share his skill and talent with the Scottish Pagan Fellowship.


Born in the Welsh Marches Robin spent his formative years enjoying the freedom that living in the bucolic setting of the welsh hills allows. He studied art in Wrexham, Science in Bangor and Magick in Wales, London and Lancaster. Nineteen years ago Robin retired from running magickal groups and moved to Scotland to raise his family. As well as painting, reading, composing and playing music Robin also creates musical instruments out of recycled materials. Of his many creations he is most proud of his Hurdy-Gurdy which encompasses over one hundred moving parts. We have included a picture of said Hurdy-Gurdy, oh! and Robin's there as well.


Robin concludes perfectly by adding "Art, Magick and music have been my lifelong companions and I sometimes wonder where one stops and the other begins"






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