A most warm and sincere welcome to the pages of the Scottish Pagan Fellowship.


Our purpose and passion is the furtherance of all Pagan traditions in Scotland.


Beliefs of the Fellowship and Fellowship Supporters


We venerate both the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine in their multi faceted forms and aspects.


We believe Deity is imminent and transcendent, one and many, constant and changing, personal and impersonal, local and universal, within and without creation.

We believe that we communicate with - and experience - the Divine Mother and Sacred Masculine through our imagination, visions, dreams, prayer, ritual, ceremony, senses and direct personal experiences.


We believe our experience of Deity to be encountered through the whole of nature and the cycle of the seasons, represented by the Wheel Of The Year.


We dedicate ourselves to protecting our sacred earth and all who call our planet home.



Our Vision & Values


As an organisation our acceptance of the different paths of 'Paganism' is as it should be, inexhaustible - Witches, Druids, Wiccans, Heathens, Solitary Practitioners, Hedge Witches, Shamans, Goddess Centric, Occultists, Dianic, Gardnerian, Alexandrian. Whichever path you follow, we value your membership, input and ideas. We feel this is as it should be.


Being Pagan is living and worshipping in a natural, spontaneous and progressive way. It is this natural spontaneity that keeps Paganism on a continuing journey of evolution that will ensure the growth of the various paths, practices and beliefs that define what it is to be 'Pagan'.

We are all blessed to be a part of that journey.


Through social media platforms, social events and meetings we will offer our members the space to develop and maintain friendships, socialise and share views and opinions. We will offer opportunities that will encourage our members to travel their chosen path with knowledge, motivation and the confidence to seek out their own spiritual truths.


As Pagans we celebrate the joy, positivity and peace that expresses itself through our path and its followers. Our expectation is that any organisation or individual we endorse will also uphold these values. Along with our own activities we will support and endorse moots, meets and social media sites that offer an organised warm and welcoming environment.


The Scottish Pagan fellowship will work with, support and endorse organisations and individuals who support and celebrate freedom, differences in race, gender and sexual orientation.


We reserve the right to evolve and spread joy as our organisation grows and develops.


We work on the ideal that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


If you want any information on how we manage things feel free to contact us!






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